I knew nothing and then when I really looked inside myself I knew I had everything I needed. #busyleslie

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It took me a long time to even identify myself as a coach even though everything I have been doing the past few years fall right in line with the role.  Therein lies why I finally decided to embrace what has been in front of me for so long and I am so excited to be finally living in my purpose. I refer to myself as a transformational partner rather than a coach as my intention is to empower you to just move forward.  Perhaps you need to move forward on a career choice, the next steps to elevating your brand, maybe it is just formalizing your personal vision and mission statement. If you stopped by then you value the importance of being your authentic voice. Perhaps you just need to know how to pursue those efforts.

I can tell you from personal experience, I struggled with identifying what I needed to do to build my brand.  What I identified much later than I would have liked is that you cannot and will not find the answer in someone else’s dream.   You can’t look to what someone else is doing to know what you should be doing, it just doesn’t make sense. Does it?


You have come this far reading...you are almost there…

Let me partner with you through your exploration. My conversations with you is intended to only inspire you because sometimes we just need a little bit of help realizing how BRILLIANT and EXTRA-ORDINARY we truly are.

I love talking to people.

I love listening to people. 

I love doing group conversations & I love one on one. 


I can't tell you how your story is going to end but I can tell you how mine did and I can tell you how I got there. I can share with you what I realized as a manifestation. I hope that you come inside and listen to my stories and even be encouraged to share your own. You owe it to yourself to be what it is you are meant to be. 




What are you waiting for?

- Leslie